Introduction to G.SEED

The survival of human species on planet earth depends upon the protection of its natural environment. Human beings are peculiar in the sense that they have the capacity to modify the global ecosystem, in order to fulfill their needs. Environmentalism is no more scientific or technological practice, but it includes science of nature, life, mind and society as well. By our decisions and actions, we determine the quality of environment.

The G.SEED is an effort in this direction. Global earth Society for Environmental Energy and Development (G. SEED) is an official, globally reputed and most devoted society for environment. It is the only society, registered and recognized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh (India), practically involved in the protection and conservation of environment.

The G.SEED was initiated, constituted and headed by an environmentalist Professor Subhash C. Pandey, with six other members in August, 2008.

From August to till date, the society is contributing a lot to implement its objectives that are to engage in all activities intended to promote Environmental protection and conservation. For the advancement of the object aforesaid, the Society shall have power –

  • To publish a Journal, books, monographs and any other literature on environment and related fields
  • To hold scientific meetings and organize lectures, seminars etc. related to social justice and environment.
  • To purchase, take on lease, otherwise acquire any land, building or any other property wherever situated which may be necessary, convenient or beneficial to the Society to fulfill its objectives with such conditions and obligations as may be agreed upon or imposed.
  • To start new websites or magazines on environment and social justice to strengthen voice of a common man.
  • To organize international and national conferences on environment for exchanging views of experts and academicians to strengthen future planning on environmental research.
  • To adopt hills, campuses, ponds and other essential field for grass root works on plantation, conservation and purification of the range.

Activities of Society

To cover its theoretical and practical objectives, G.SEED is working well under the following heads :

  1. Grass-root Works
  2. International journal : JERAD
  3. International Seminars
  4. Flying Squad
  5. Campaign for social justice and protests against the unnatural, unlawful and unsocial acts.
  6. Environmental awareness programs and plantation in India and abroad has also been organizing by the G.SEED. Society is also engaged in developing various, ignored areas by adopting them and amplifying its plantation.
  7. G.SEED is holding quality publications for research papers, Ph.D. thesis and text books on environment and other subjects through JERAD publications.
  8. Society is giving awards to academician and research workers in the field for environmental.
  9. Society is also successfully holding International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER) which gives fellow membership (FICER), Life membership (AICER) and annual membership to its subscribers throughout the world. More many privileges are associated with these memberships.
  10. Society is always looking towards innovative programs. In continuation, society has launchedFlying Squad a national Hindi magazine on social justice and environment providing free and fearless grass root Journalism. G. SEED also launches campaign for protesting against unnatural, unlawful and un social acts performed by various government and nongovernment institutions so as to established social justice.
  11. Society is also educating and awaking the people through its social networking sites viz. Facebook, Blogs..etc.

Society is successfully holding the following websites :

II. ICER-14 :