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Work on Environment

 56bIndustrial Area Mandideep Bhopal, India

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56bShahpura Lake, Bhopal, India

Shapura Nala
2 Soid waste mixing in shahpura tank
Soid waste mixing in shahpura tank
3-Panchsheel Nala
Panchsheel Nala
4-Chunnabhatii Nala near Amrapali
Chunnabhatii Nala near Amrapali
5-Panchsheel Nala in Ekant Park
Panchsheel Nala in Ekant Park
6-Eco Biotech Plant of EPCO
Eco Biotech Plant of EPCO
 3-Untreated sewage and hazardous solid waste are flow direct into lake time 3.15 pm Date 04.01.14   solid waste(slippers) and disposals  DSC01840   solid waste

bullet_17  Cleanup work began in Shahpura lake Bhopal, India

 20140121_122131 20140121_122954 20140121_134419 20140121_134614
 20140128_123310 20140128_124325 Clearence is being done near park 1 2013-10-01 15.58.22  Solid waste  being transported near park 1 2013-10-01 16.04.57

56bPhotos : Gross Violation of Municipal Waste (Bhanpur Khanti, Bhopal, India)

Lack of basic requirments at site
Movement of cows within site
Valtures are moving above site
Open carring MSWs of Bhopal city
Dustbins are dumped at khanti
No segregation of MSWs
16-Picture-showing-the-cont Burn MSW at site

bullet_17  Work In Process at Bhanpura Khanti, Bhopal, India after Petition Filed

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56bPhotos of Municipal Waste at Betul(M.P.) India of river Machna

 BETUL3v         Dump MSW of river Machna  BETUL4m       Cows eat waste food with MSW BETUL2b            Cows eat waste food BETUL12b  Dump MSW at land of army rest ho

56bPhotos of Municipal Waste at Hoshangabad (M.P.) India

 H'BAD3v  H'BADv H'BAD6v H'BAD1v

56bPhotos of Municipal Waste at Amarwara, Distt.- Chhindwara (M.P.) India

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